Races & Registration

2017 Series Race Schedule

The 2017 SEP Series schedule  is finalized. From April 8th to November 4th you can enjoy racing with many of the Southeast's best paddlers on some of the area's prettiest venues. Don't miss a single race!

For fast answers to questions, contact Joe Vinson,
Series Coordinator by using the "Contact Us" page.


Bill Gardner, SEPSeries Marketing
at williamg50@aol.com

About the Races

Distances and Points

You can participate in either course option at any of the series events.  Please keep in mind that in the interest of point accrual it's best to be consistent with the course you choose to paddle.  Races that offer two longer distances like 6 mile and 15 mile, we will award Advanced Course Points for both distances. There will be 10 bonus points added for participating in the longest distance race. For example, if you are first in a 15 mile race you will earn 70 points. Points accrue the same way for either course, but if you participate in the intermediate course at two events and the advanced course at all others your potential qualification for the series will depend only on your point accrual for the advanced course.  The intermediate course participation cannot be counted because it was against competition separate from the advanced course.  Remember, it takes 150 points to qualify and to win your category and you must have the most points at or above 150 within your category. In general, we will base your series points on how you register for your first race in the series. If you register as a Master and then choose to register in the Open class for all future races, you should contact Joe Vinson and let us know that you have chosen to change classes for the remainder of the Series.

​At each event if you place in the top 5 places within your category you gain the following points:

1st place=60 points

2nd place=50 points

3rd place=40 points

4th place=30 points

5th place=20 points

Advanced Course Categories

Male Open
Female Open
Male Masters HPK
Female Masters HPK
Male FSK
Female FSK
Male Masters FSK
Female Masters FSK
Male SK
Female SK
Male SUP Unlimited
Female SUP Unlimited
Male OC1
Female OC1

Intermediate Course Categories:

Male Open
Female Open
Male SUP
Female SUP
Male OC1
Female OC1